What forms of payment does Angry Wiener accept?
We prefer cash, but we also accept credit cards, debit cards and apple pay.

How does Angry Wiener prepare its food?
We serve "Dirty Water" hot dogs. These are hot dogs that are heated up in hot water and held in the hot water until served. Toppings for the dogs are prepaired daily prior to the service.

What time will Angry Wiener arrive?

Typically we will arrive 60 minutes prior to the scheduled serving time. This allows us enough time to get everything set and ready to serve. At the conclusion of the serving window it takes us approximately 30 minutes to clean up before our departure.

What are Angry Wieners parking requirements?

Angry Wiener food truck  needs to have a relatively level area in which to park. Preferably concrete, blacktop or gravel. The area needs to be no smaller than 30' long by 12' wide with at least 12' of overhead clearance. A slightly larger area will be needed to maneuver the truck into its serving position.